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First and foremost, I hail from Salt Lake City, Utah, and just moved from Silver Spring, Maryland, to New Mexico. 
I also typically do not strive to blab about myself, but wanted to at least provide some information on, and an example of, someone who eats what they want, which in my case includes eating vegan food the majority of the time. 
Currently I only eat vegetarian food items, of which the majority happen to be vegan, but the latter of course fluctuates week to week depending on my egg consumption and cheese cravings.  My transition to eating my current diet has been very long, and has been happily sprinkled with random fish eating, creamy or cheesy desserts, and the occasional (and usually accidental) consumption of gelatin-filled sweets. My first step toward eating a highly vegetarian and then highly vegan diet started about nine years ago after I began working in a vegan-friendly restaurant and became directly exposed to crave-able vegan meal options. While working there I found it easier to start drinking soy milk (which I found I and my body liked much better than cow's milk) and eating dishes with tofu or tempeh (a free coffee drink a day and discounted meals can work wonders for pushing one to explore new dietary options). I slowly discovered which veggie or vegan dishes I liked and disliked. During this time, however, I found enjoyment in continuing to eat fish and chicken as a protein source (as well as an occasional burger, but red meat has never been my favorite animal product). 
Around about 2006, after the deaths of two relatively young grandparents, having an ever-growing interest in nutrition and the environment, and having a live-in vegan boyfriend (though a wonderful one with no expectations that I would ever adhere to a fully vegetarian or vegan diet), I found that eating vegan meals had progressively (and subtly) become my dietary way of life, and I felt healthy and happy about it. There had been no "I'm Now Vegan" party thrown in my honor, and it was not like I was a "meat-eater" one day and a "vegetarian "or"vegan" the next. I have never really liked such labels for people anyhow, as they typically do not provide for transitional or vegetarian/vegan "gray area" folks (like me and many others). But obviously such labels (particularly when used on food packaging) can be quite helpful. I guess I prefer to say that I eat a diet high in vegan items, with, of course, the occasional cheese pizza, egg (well, I eat eggs from local farms multiple days a week), ingredients with honey, and dairy or egg-based desserts (the latter I rarely can pass up at friend or family get-togethers). Moreover, I always accept that my diet is adaptable, much like myself. 
Yes, transition and moderation can be delicious. 
Oh, and for Big Lebowski fans, I recommend checking out Dudeism. 


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