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Fortunately most of your major grocery stores carry basic vegetarian and vegan options, such as some veggie meats, tofu, tempeh, etc, and many now have aisles dedicated to vegetarian and organic foods. But here are a few specialty stores that serve all my veggie needs. 

Washington DC Area                                                                                      

H Mart (a wonderful Asian food market in Wheaton, Maryland)  

Takoma Park / Silver Spring Co-op (a great local-level alternative to Whole Foods, with a great bin/bulk section)

Trader Joe's (an inexpensive way to buy staples as well as unique organic foods) 

Terry's Healthy Food (12059 Nebel St, RockvilleMD 20852 301-770-6778 - Highly processed food, but all is vegetarian and much is vegan; many interesting meat substitutes - try the VegeBest chicken - it actually tastes like ham - Terry's is located in a warehouse-type building and is only open to the public on weekends)


Harmons (the Sandy location - and probably the others, offers a lot of great veggie and vegan items, and doesn't seem as expensive as Whole Foods, though I have not done any in-depth pricing studies on this...) 


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